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I’m Lizzie Shacklett
Teen. Advocate. Author. Dancer.

As Miss Pennsylvania's Teen 2023, founder of the nonprofit Literacy Is Lit, and a World Medal Holder in Irish dance, I bring a unique blend of hard work, passion, and sparkle to everything I do. Join me on my journey! 🌟

Lizzie Shacklett
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Learn more about Lizzie

A native of the Philadelphia area, Lizzie Shacklett is an honors student, competitive Irish step dancer, non-profit founder, author, and Miss Pennsylvania’s Teen 2023.

Lizzie currently attends The Agnes Irwin School where she has been a student since pre-kindergarten, minus a four-year stint at the Stamford American International School in Singapore. While living in Southeast Asia, Lizzie was conversational in Mandarin and is continuing to study the Chinese language today in high school.

As a competitive Irish step dancer, Lizzie is a World Medal Holder, placing 7th at the World Irish Dance Championships in Montreal, Canada in April 2023. Lizzie has also placed in the top 2 at the North American Irish Dance Championships, top 5 at the All Scotland Championships, and top 10 at the All Ireland Championships. Irish dancing is an aesthetic and athletic art form which at the elite level requires all the elements of top sporting performance: speed, acceleration, agility, power, flexibility, mobility, and strength. Lizzie enjoys staying active in the dance studio and in the gym!

As an advocate, Lizzie founded the nonprofit, Literacy Is Lit, to collect and distribute books to children who lack access to the academic resources they need to succeed. One in four children in America grow up without learning how to read, and as an avid reader, Lizzie would like to change that statistic. Studies show that children with home libraries have stronger literacy skills, greater vocabulary development, and increased academic success. Lizzie hopes to turn today’s readers into tomorrow’s leaders.

As an author, Lizzie wrote a children’s book titled I Read Before Bed, where six children discover what they can learn from reading books before bedtime and how they can apply those findings to their daily lives at school the next day. All proceeds fund more books for underserved communities.

As Miss Pennsylvania’s Teen, Lizzie has participated in over 60 appearances across the Commonwealth in schools, libraries, and book banks to support children’s right to read. 

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Literacy is Lit
Lizzie Shacklett  reading to kids
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Did you know that one in four children in America grow up without learning how to read? It's a shocking statistic, but my nonprofit, Literacy Is Lit, is on a mission to change it. We collect and distribute books to underserved children and Title 1 schools across Pennsylvania.

Why is this so important? Well, children who have access to books are more likely to have stronger literacy skills. That literacy translates into high school graduation, better job opportunities, financial stability, and the overall ability to lead a happy, healthier life. So, together, let's make a difference. Join me in empowering today's readers to become tomorrow's leaders, one book at a time.

20,000+ books collected & distributed (valued at $72k) to children, schools, community centers, and shelters in need
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I Read Before Bed
Written by Lizzie Shacklett
illustrated by QBN Studios

Katie and her five friends from school discover what they can learn from reading books before bedtime and how they can apply those findings to their daily lives. From kindness and respect to recycling and healthy eating, I Read Before Bed teaches children valuable life skills and lessons.


Competitive Irish Dancer

From the lively stages on the international circuit to the pages of Irish Dancing Magazine, Lizzie's dance journey is a tale of passion, grit, and dedication.

Lizzie Shaklett
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Lizzie Shacklett

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